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Meet the UiPath Platform

Get acquainted with UiPath and how it helps organizations manage the full cycle of software automation. Learn how customers are saving, doing, and achieving more with help from their digital robots.

The Story of Work

For as long as history itself, humans have needed to work. They wanted to work. To grow things and create things and build things... But as people have gotten better at work, they created more work. Until one day a very smart person figured out how to put the fun back in work. This is their story...

The Fully Automated Enterprise™: Enabling Human Progress

Our progress as human-kind is stuck. The infrastructure we’ve built across computers and the cloud is not speaking to one another. And humans are now in the middle, swivel-chairing to hold it all together. But what happens when enterprises use automation to take over this mundane work? It frees us to progress towards a greater potential.

Take Off

Digital transformation has failed to take off because it hasn't removed the endless mundane work we all hate.